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Heather Briggs


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My Story

I am so glad to have you on my page! Whether you are looking for the perfect scent delivery system for your house, the best scented laundry and cleaning products, or looking for a new way to make income from the comfort of your own home.

A little about me, I am lucky to have the best husband imaginable and two beautiful children. My daughter is 7 and a wonderful big sister who loves to "Scentsy Party" with mom whenever she can. My son is 4 years old. He was born with rare heart defects that required immediate intervention. To date he has had 3 heart surgeries and will be needing more as he grows.

He is my true "WHY" I joined this business so that I could stay home with him. It was a leap of faith that this business would be enough to supply the extra income needed to keep my family afloat while 400 miles away from home during hospital stays. Since he has been healthy but we do all we can to provide a better life for Danny and Elli. All the while, my husband and I both work full time jobs. I am an insurance agent during the day and try to enhance the life of others through Scentsy every day.

Joining Scentsy has been the best decision I could have made for my family. It has done exactly what I had hoped in order to be right where my family needed me; unexpectedly, I have been able to make new friends that are more than amazing then I could have ever imagined. They are more like family that support and believe in the dream I am seeking. Our team is always there to be a positive motivator.

I am now a team leader of 18 and would love to show you how Scentsy can enrich your life too!

Whether you want advice on which warmer would be perfect for your space or looking to Join me on this Journey, I am here to answer all your questions!

Heather Briggs

Independent Scentsy Star Consultant


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